Scaffolding rental service at TRAN GIA scaffolding

scaffolding rental service

Your work is needed to hire a large number of scaffolding for construction? Are you going to invest the cost of buying large quantities of equipment? But, why not choose the scaffolding rental service of Tran Gia Scaffolding – one of the solutions to help save maximum costs as well as ensure safety, construction standards for workers.

scaffolding rental service
scaffolding rental service

Learn about construction scaffolding

Construction scaffolding is equipment and utensils exclusively used for construction at works. Used to support the boards to help workers work on high. Therefore, these devices are very important and must be devices of high quality standards to ensure safety for users.

For the same reason, many construction contractors thought about investing in the purchase of a large number of construction scaffolding to serve in the company’s construction works. But then the amount of money invested in the construction will be greatly increased.

Understanding that, Tran Gia has become one of the leading units in the field of manufacturing and supplying construction scaffolding equipment in HCMC. Tran Gia Scaffolding company owns a full range of construction equipment to give customers the best scaffolding rental service.

Scaffolding rental service
Scaffolding rental service

3 reasons to choose scaffolding rental service in Tran Gia Scaffolding

+ Saving costs of renting warehouses and grounds

If you want to buy scaffolding with large quantities. It is sure to hire additional warehouses, installation workers and not to mention the costs of the maintenance and transportation after each project. Meanwhile, scaffolding costs can account for 4-5% of the total cost of the whole construction project making the project less capital intensive.

Many investors only think about the immediate benefits. When buying new, they will be used for a long time and save rental costs but have no considered the issue of hiring additional installation workers, etc.

Therefore, choosing scaffolding rental service is the most reasonable, not only cost savings but not also affect the progress and work efficiency of the work.

Scaffolding rental service
Scaffolding rental service

+ The scaffolding is always ensured quality

Choosing to scaffolding rental service at Tran Gia Scaffolding, you will be provided with quality scaffolding equipment and not rust. Because, after each project, our workers will recover all the scaffolding and maintain, repair if any breakdown or breakage occurs, helping the equipment always safety standards of the Ministry of Construction.

Not only that, you will no longer have to waste time checking or transporting scaffolding frames to construction sites. All stages from transportation, installation to recovery are completed professionally by Tran Gia technical team, ensuring safety for construction workers.

Scaffolding rental service
1m7 Scaffolding

+ Feel comfortable to choose scaffolding types when renting

Currently, Tran Gia Scaffolding is providing 2 types of scaffolding: H scaffolding and wedge scaffolding. These are also the most commonly used scaffolding types. Come to scaffolding rental service at Tran Gia Scaffolding, you will get a free consultation, choose types of scaffolding suitable for each project, help to ensure construction progress according to plan.

You just need to make a request. We will help you choose the most suitable scaffolding type. Don’t let scaffolding costs make you worry.

Select scaffolding rental service of Tran Gia Scaffolding, you also get many other attractive incentives such as enthusiastic support staff, thoughtful, quality products, with professional and methodical workflow.

Scaffolding rental service
Wedge Scaffolding

Process of scaffolding rental service at Tran Gia Scaffolding

+ Receive request from customers, the counselor will assist you immediately to choose the right scaffolding that the project is needed.

+ After reaching an agreement and signing a lease contract. Tran Gia Scaffolding will prepare the necessary equipment to transport to the construction site.

+ Before transporting, the scaffolding will be carefully checked once again by safety technical team.

+ Transporting to construction site, Tran Gia’ team of skilled experts will work with the teacher staff to install and deploy the most effective work.

+ After using, scaffolding will be taken back to warehouse by Tran Gia technical team, and are classified for immediate repair, restoring the status for the product and storage.

With strict process, the partners when choosing Tran Gia were satisfied and appreciate the sense of responsibility as well as work efficiency of workers.

Proud of specialize in a construction scaffold rental service, scaffolding wedge, H scaffolding. Tran Gia Scaffolding has become the destination of many customers with different constructions big or small. Just pick up and call hotline 0903951186. You will be consulted and quoted the most accurate details about construction equipment.

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